About Suite Spa

Early in 2009 Vasaio Life Spa was asked to create a spa business within the JW Marriott, Grand Rapids Michigan which had only one spa room.  They knew the demand for spa would out pace the spa space they were given, and George Aquino, the general manager, allowed them to expand spa services into guest's rooms as long as it was done with excellence and provided wonderful customer service.  An innovative spa cart, systems, products and protocols were developed that fit the high-end hotel culture. Suite Spa® was born.

It even became a legal franchise. Because hotel staff and guests loved the idea, JW Marriott sent out a press release and the story was picked up by USA Today in April ’09. Presently Suite Spa is a preferred vendor for Corporate Hyatt in hotels such as Andaz 5th Ave NYC, Grand Hyatt NYC, Andaz Wall Street NYC, and the Park Hyatt in Washington DC.

World class spa experiences no longer need to come with a world class price tag. Suite Spa is actively expanding into other hotels, resorts, cruise lines and health care communities either corporately owned or franchised.  We also sell the Suite Spa® carts directly to organizations that want to offer spa services in a guest’s room.

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Andrew Studebaker - CEO, Suite Spa 

Andrew, the CEO of Suite Spa, is a seasoned, passionate expert with regards to operating and managing businesses.  Andrew's specialty is taking the lead on projects that involve working with and inspiring a team, managing all financial aspects, and driving the overall vision of the business.  Andrew has led teams in the acquisition, repositioning, stabilization, and achievement in maximum operating capacity of various businesses.

Mobile: (616) 437-3864 - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Britany Studebaker - CMO, Suite Spa 

Britany has worked with Andrew through every acquisition, repositioning, and stabilization of businesses. She is most passionate about image and marketing improvement. Britany has her cosmetology license with the state of Michigan and has been trained through AVEDA's spa program.

Mobile: (616) 610-7488 - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Jonathon Striker - Co-Manager of Spa Services, Marketing Support, Suite Spa  

Jon is passionate about superior customer service.  He is dedicated to making every experience a client has with us exceptional.  Jon is also passionate about digital strategy. Even more than that... He is passionate about the way individuals engage and interact across the web and how that directly impacts our brand, our clients, and our community.  For Jon, the “social Web” in all its glorious and ever-changing complexity is an endlessly satisfying hobby as much as it is a profession.  He is a trend-hunter, constantly looking for the next technology that will enable people to express themselves and connect with each other and with brands.

Mobile: (616) 293-9033 - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Nina Vanharn - Co-Manager of Spa Services, HR Lead, Suite Spa 

Nina has a passion for building a team and seeing them to their finest success. She has an extensive background in the travel industry with owning her own travel consulting business (Ambiance Travel Consulting) for almost 12 years.  She is passionate about offering a world-class experience for all of our guests.  Nina is our lead on HR and handles our training and onboarding of therapists and technicians.  

Mobile: (616) 309-4692 - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Victor & Vickie Bennett - Founders of Suite Spa

Victor & Vickie oversee a vital role in the Suite Spa brand with their focus primarily directed towards the development and production of Suite Spa carts as well as the Suite Spa product line.  They are also a part of our consulting team and offer their vast knowledge in the spa industry.  Suite Spa is a brainchild of Victor and Vickie Bennett that was created out of their necessity to provide world-class spa experiences of any kind in the comfort of a guest’s room, condo, or other small spaces needing portable spa equipment.  Through a press release that hit USA Today in 2009, Vic and Vickie quickly realized they had hit on a huge need of this kind and began the processes of putting together a franchise opportunity for others who would wish to provide spa services in highly desired locations without the available real estate/space.  The Bennetts owned and operated Vasaio Life Spa for over 14 years and their vast industry knowledge is incredibly valuable to the Suite Spa brand and the clients it serves.